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How breakthrough technology is powering Sunlight’s performance and purpose


Sunlight products have been synonymous with clean dishes for over a century. Now the brand’s cleaning power is stepping up its game with a tech-led, bio-enzyme-fuelled formula that delivers on performance, purpose and sustainability.

Image of sparkling clean frying pan

Let’s dish the dirt on washing up. Although it’s a chore most of us face daily, it’s not a favourite for many of us… especially when facing up to notoriously tough clean-ups like curry stains or baked-on fried rice.

Ever since its creation, Sunlight dishwashing liquid has worked hard to take the drama out of dirty dishes. Now, thanks to cutting-edge technology, the brand’s new formulation is tougher than ever on grease and cooked-on food, while also being better for the planet than its previous formula.

“Our new Sunlight is built on a powerful insight: everyone wants maximum performance with minimum effort,” says Duygu Ersoy, Sunlight Global Lead.

To this end the brand has leveraged the power of bio-enzymes: tiny, naturally derived proteins that specialise in speeding up biochemical reactions. Already used in laundry and machine dishwashing products, this is the first time they have been used in a Unilever hand dishwashing liquid where they have proved incredibly efficient at breaking down encrusted food.

“Our new Sunlight with bio-enzymes works up to ten times faster on encrusted food, saving consumers time and effort,” explains Duygu.

Image of Sunlight’s advertisement in Thailand. Showing the product is ten times faster

Our new Sunlight with bio-enzymes is built on a powerful insight: everyone wants maximum performance with minimum effort.

Duygu Ersoy, Sunlight Global Lead

Powering up with plant-based innovation

These results would be impressive enough on their own, but bio-enzymes are not the only innovation packed into the new Sunlight formula launching in Thailand this month. Plant-based surfactants, the ingredients that allow foaming and cleaning, have also been swapped in.

“The plant-based surfactants mean the new Thai formulation is now 99% biodegradable and 79% renewable,” says Bert Nijhuis, Product Development Director, Home Care.

“This is a significant innovation which will help to reduce the use of more than 5,533[a] petrochemical-based metric tonnes of chemicals, the equivalent in weight to 133 Boeing 737-800 aircrafts,” he continues.

Innovation and purpose

With plans for future roll-outs in other markets, this bio-enzyme-powered Sunlight hand dishwash liquid is the latest, but certainly not the last, brand innovation that has been guided by performance and a sense of purpose.

“For over 100 years Sunlight’s aim has been to deliver unbeatable dishwashing solutions, so our consumers can think less about the dishes and more about life’s opportunities,” says Rohit Pathak, Dishwash Global Head.

It is a commitment perfectly reflected in the advertising campaign that will support the launch.

“Staying true to our purpose along with a constant drive to make dishwashing products work harder, faster and better for our consumers has shaped Sunlight into what we know it as today,” says Rohit. “A well-loved household brand holding the No.1 position across our key markets.”


Based on Sunlight core product sales in Thailand in 2021.

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