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Discover the tech solutions that are helping us tackle deforestation


The visibility that technology gives us into our supply chain means we can make it increasingly more transparent and traceable, and help us transform our business for a future where deforestation-free is the only way we operate.

Aeroplane view of a misty green forest

Protecting and regenerating the world’s forests is an important nature-based solution to fighting climate change. Which is why, at Unilever, we’re committed to achieving a deforestation-free supply chain for palm oil, paper and board, tea, soy and cocoa.

Technology is vital to achieving this goal because it gives us visibility. It allows us to see and understand what’s happening to forests globally, so we’ll know where they are at risk, take preventative action and make timely interventions, and identify areas for restoration.

Watch this video and read more here to discover how we’re partnering with tech companies to use groundbreaking solutions to help us build a more traceable and transparent supply chain.

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