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Three reasons America’s No.1 body wash is better than ever


Dove Body Wash has been a bestseller in the US for years. Now this hero product has a science-led new formula to provide lasting care for longer.

Dove products

Dove’s dedication to superior skin care started 65 years ago with its revolutionary Beauty Bar. A soap unlike any other, enriched with ¼ moisturising cream to leave skin soft, smooth and nourished.

Since then, Dove has grown to become an instantly recognisable brand around the world, with skin care, hair care, deodorants and more joining the successful portfolio.

Dove Body Wash bottles arranged in a circle.

The nano droplets in Dove's new Body Wash regenerate skin's moisture for 24 hours of renewed, healthy-looking skin.

Skin cleansing remains Dove’s largest category and in the US, Dove’s Deep Moisture Body Wash isn’t just the No.1 selling body wash, it’s also the one most recommended by dermatologists (Opens in a pop-up window ).

Now it’s just got even better. Dove’s new 24-Hour MicroMoisture Formula Body Wash delivers longer-lasting skin nourishment and is the only body wash in the US to harness the power of nanotechnology.

The bottle has evolved too, making it easier to squeeze out every last drop. And with PETA’s seal of approval as a cruelty-free, vegan formula, it’s easy to see why the nation’s best-loved body wash has improved inside and out.

What’s new about Dove 24-Hour MicroMoisture Formula Body Wash?

  1. It uses cutting-edge tech to deliver 24-hour moisture

    Dove’s new body wash contains our revolutionary patented MicroMoisture innovation. Millions of nano-moisture droplets are packed into the creamy formula and due to their tiny size, they can fit into skin’s natural gaps and crevices and actively regenerate the moisture barrier.

    This microscopic tech delivers mighty results. A silky smooth finish, locked-in moisture and continuous 24-hour care that improves visual signs of dryness by 50% after every shower.

  2. The new bottle is user-friendly, recycled and recyclable

    Dove’s Body Wash bottles haven’t changed for 17 years and the teardrop shape with a narrow cap at the top will be familiar to many. The new bottle builds on that iconic design – with improvements.

    Colour-coded caps still indicate the fragrance, with 18 options to choose from. What’s changed is the cap is now a broader, oval shape – a nod to the original Dove Beauty Bar. It means the bottle can stand upside down, so you can access every drop, and it’s easier to hold, flip open and dispense the product with one hand in the shower.

    Every bottle is 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, in line with Dove’s pledge to reduce the use of virgin plastic by more than 20,500 tonnes per year.

  3. It’s PETA-Approved and vegan

    Dove believes real beauty is cruelty free. Globally, Dove does not test on animals and the reformulated Dove Body Wash is PETA-Approved.

    Its moisturising ingredients are 100% plant-based and it’s certified vegan by PETA too .

Change is beautiful

“Dove is used by 174 million people around the world every day and is in more than 60% of US households. We’re chosen and preferred by so many because we are constantly raising the bar and offering a superior level of care,” says Marcela Melero, Vice President of Dove Skin Cleansing.

“We’re focused on understanding evolving skincare preferences and continuing to meet new needs through innovation. Change is beautiful, and we’re thrilled to be making one of the biggest evolutions of Dove Body Wash in nearly two decades,” she adds.

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