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Odour protection superpowered with vitamins: discover Dove’s disruptive new deodorant


Dove’s latest deodorant applies cutting-edge science to deliver on a growing consumer trend. Here’s how the brand’s niacinamide-enriched new line is tapping into the increasing demand for aluminium-free, premium products.

A photo showing fragrance options from Dove’s VitaminCare+ deodorant range with different coloured packs

The aluminium-free deodorant category is worth over $1.59 billion in the US[a] – and it grew by 25.2% in 2023.

But while consumers are increasingly buying more deodorants than they used to, often curating a ‘wardrobe’ of different products for different needs, many aluminium-free options aren’t living up to expectations.

Research shows that 60%[b] of consumers use a combination of both aluminium-free deodorants and antiperspirants to supplement their odour protection, due to their dissatisfaction with current options.

This insight sparked the idea for new Dove VitaminCare+. A next-generation line of premium aluminium- and paraben-free stick deodorants which use sophisticated science to deliver up to 72 hours of reliable odour protection.

The hero ingredient? Vitamin B3 – otherwise known as niacinamide. A skincare superstar capable of fortifying skin’s natural odour defences and providing a wealth of beautifying benefits.

This formula is unlike anything else that came before it.

Alyssa Kowcz, Dove R&D

How does vitamin B3 (niacinamide) work in a deodorant?

The Dove VitaminCare+ range contains niacinamide, which fortifies skin’s natural odour defences and offers lasting freshness with up to 72 hours of odour protection.

The unique formula draws on research conducted by Unilever, which explored the role niacinamide can play in controlling body odour.

Skin has its own built-in natural protection to defend against body odour – molecules called antimicrobial peptides or AMPs. They’re found on the skin’s surface where they help to reduce the number of odour-causing bacteria.

Dove VitaminCare+ harnesses this insight to work differently from a typical deodorant. In addition to neutralising odour-causing bacteria, it uses niacinamide to support AMPs, adding another layer of odour protection and helping to keep underarms feeling and smelling fresh.

Superior skincare benefits to soothe, smooth and brighten

Dove VitaminCare+ deodorant provides all the skincare benefits consumers have come to expect from the brand too – with enhanced, premium properties.

Not only does the formula’s blend of facial product-grade niacinamide and vitamin E help restore an even, healthy-looking tone to underarm skin that may have become discoloured due to repeat friction and irritation caused by hair removal. It also helps to soothe dryness and repair the skin’s barrier, gliding on to skin comfortably without leaving any white marks.

Scientist Alyssa Kowcz, from the Dove Research & Development team, worked on the VitaminCare+ formula. She says: “Our discovery of vitamin B3’s ability to assist AMPs in inhibiting the colonisation of bacteria on the skin has truly changed the game. We have long known that vitamin B3 is an excellent skincare ingredient, but it’s capable of so much more than we could have anticipated. This formula is unlike anything else that came before it.”

Two Dove VitaminCare+ stick deodorants with text reading ‘Supercharge your odor protection with vitamins’

A deodorant that changes the game

Dove VitaminCare+ went from a concept to an on-shelf reality in a matter of months, thanks to swift innovation, insights and creativity from our R&D and Marketing teams.

“Until now, there’s been a gap in the market for an aluminium-free deodorant that gives consumers more – with added vitamins, premium skincare benefits, delicious fragrances and lasting odour protection. Dove is the perfect brand to deliver on those growing consumer needs,” says Brand Director Laura Kleffer.

“We’re confident we’ve come up with a superior product too. Our consumer tests recorded extremely positive results compared with competitor brands for odour protection, skincare, sensory and premium cues.”

Dove VitaminCare+ is available now across the US in six fragrance options: Raspberry & Rose, Lavender & Chamomile, Coconut & Shea, Peaches & Shea Butter, Coconut Water & Aloe, and Cucumber & Melon.


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Source: Numerator (US) Shopper Purchase Panel 52 w/e to 31 Jan 2024

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