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The shine-boosting technology helping TRESemmé target 2024’s hottest hair trend


Consumer demand for shiny hair is growing. And the latest line from TRESemmé uses an exclusive scientific discovery to deliver on this desire for an ultra-glossy finish. Here's how Lamellar technology and trendspotting shaped the launch.

Three women with shiny hair, one blonde waves, one dark curls, one dark glossy hair. Pic is an ad for TRESemmé Lamellar Shine

TRESemmé, the No.1 styling brand in the US and the world,[a] has launched Lamellar Shine – a complete collection to wash, treat and finish hair of all textures, and boost shine like never before.

The launch, now live in the UK, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, delivers on soaring consumer demand for shine-boosting hair care.

It’s a growing trend that’s all over TikTok, with 185 million views for #ShinyHairTips from the UK and US. Social media mentions related to hair shine have grown by 20% year on year in China, while in India, our insights show 33% year growth for the search term ‘hair shine sprays’.[b] Shine is also at the heart of TRESemmé’s latest research.

Formulated with the power brand’s blockbuster Lamellar technology, developed in Unilever R&D labs, trials prove the new products leave hair significantly shinier without weighing it down. According to evaluations from an expert panel, Lamellar technology delivers up to 7 times more shine from the first use.[c]

Lamellar Shine is our global multi-year big bet for TRESemmé. We know consumers are seeking shine from their hair care products, and our study into shine as an international trend reflects the market-making potential for our brand.

Thais Hagge, Global Brand Lead for TRESemmé and Sunsilk

Introducing Lamellar technology

It’s all thanks to TRESemmé’s unique Lamellar technology, which perfectly envelops and aligns hair fibres, smooths the surface of the hair and banishes tangles.

The result? Intensely glossy, nourished, healthy-looking hair.

Each format harnesses this exclusive technology in a slightly different way. TRESemmé Lamellar Shine conditioner, for example, contains actives which allow water to access multiple pathways between hair fibres when it’s rinsed out, gently nudging fibres apart to detangle and smooth, enhancing the feel and shine of hair.

Meanwhile the TRESemmé Lamellar Shine Leave-in Cream Serum is designed to be applied to hair as a styling step for a lasting ultra-glossy finish, or can be used as a rinse-off pre-shampoo treatment. It’s enriched with amino acids and ceramides, to strengthen hair from within.

Shiny hair products from TRESemmé Lamellar Shine, including shine shampoo and conditioner. Black bottles with gold branding

Soaring demand for shine

TRESemmé teamed up with trends forecasting specialists WGSN to create a report on what consumers are looking for in the hair world, and shine came top of the list.

The global research revealed that consumers across the globe are seeking high-gloss shine.

“Lamellar Shine is our global multi-year big bet for TRESemmé. We know consumers are seeking shine from their hair care products, and our study into shine as an international trend reflects the market-making potential for our brand,” says Thais Hagge, Global Brand Lead for TRESemmé and Sunsilk.

“We’ve seen shine on catwalks, on celebrities and on social media. Now the gloss shine effect is reaching consumers and our Lamellar Shine technology means TRESemmé can deliver on this demand,” she adds.


No.1 Styling Brand in the US and the World – (Euromonitor, brand shares of styling agents % share (LBN)), Retail Value RSP 2022.


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As per technical assessments and evaluation by expert panel compared with a standard non-silicone conditioning shampoo.

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