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  • Unilever completes the sale of its Spreads business to KKR

    London/Rotterdam - Unilever announced today that, further to the announcement made on 15th December 2017, it has completed the sale of its Spreads business to KKR.

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  • Unilever receives positive opinion on health claim for tea from the EFSA

    London/Rotterdam – Unilever, the world’s leading tea company, today announced that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has issued a positive opinion on the company’s evidence that black tea improves attention. This makes Unilever the first company in the EU to receive a positive scientific opinion on a health claim for tea from the EFSA.

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  • Unilever to acquire 75% of Italian personal care business Equilibra

    London/Rotterdam - Unilever announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire a 75% stake in the Italian personal care and wellbeing business, Equilibra.

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  • Unilever calls on content creators & distributors to eradicate stereotypes

    Cannes, France – Unilever is calling on content creators and distributors to act now to eliminate outdated stereotypes. The move marks the latest step in the company’s industry-leading Unstereotype initiative, which launched two years ago with the aim of eliminating harmful and diminishing portrayals of people across advertising.

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  • Unilever calls on industry to increase trust, transparency and measurement in influencer marketing

    Cannes, France - Unilever CMO, Keith Weed, today announces that the company is pushing for greater transparency in the influencer marketing space to combat fraud in the digital ecosystem; create better experiences for consumers; and improve brands’ ability to measure impact.

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  • Unilever N.V. and Unilever PLC announce Consent Solicitations

    London/Rotterdam - Unilever N.V. (“NV”) and Unilever PLC (“PLC”) (each, an “Issuer” and together, the “Issuers”) today announce invitations to holders of the outstanding notes listed in the table below (each a “Series” and together, the “Notes”) to consent to certain modifications of the terms and conditions (the “Conditions”) of the relevant Series and related programme documents in connection with the proposed simplification of the dual-parent structure of the Unilever Group (being NV, PLC and their group companies) under a new single parent company, New NV, by approving an extraordinary resolution of the holders of such Series (an “Extraordinary Resolution”), all as further described in the Consent Solicitation Memorandum prepared by the Issuers dated 30 May 2018 (the “Consent Solicitation Memorandum” and each such invitation in respect of a Series, a “Consent Solicitation”). Capitalised terms used in this notice and not otherwise defined shall have the meanings given to them in the Consent Solicitation Memorandum.

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  • Notification of changes to Vice-Chair/SID and membership of Board Committees

    London/Rotterdam – Unilever today announced that following the 2018 AGMs the Boards have appointed Youngme Moon as Unilever’s new Vice-Chair/Senior Independent Director (SID). Youngme Moon joined the Boards in 2016 and brings unique perspectives into strategy and brand innovation in the digital economy. In addition, the Boards have appointed Vittoria Colao as Chairman of the Compensation Committee. He is a renowned international business leader and has served on Unilever’s Compensation Committee since 2015.

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  • Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan continues to fuel growth

    Unilever reveals that its most sustainable brands grew 46% faster than the rest of the business and delivered 70% of its turnover growth 40,000+ employees have their say on the future of Unilever as the company looks beyond its current sustainability targets

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  • Share Buy-Back Programme

    London/Rotterdam – Unilever PLC and Unilever N.V. today announce the commencement of a programme to buy back shares with an aggregate market value equivalent of up to €6 billion, as previously announced on 19 April 2018.

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  • Unilever NV AGM 2018 voting results

    Rotterdam - Unilever N.V. shareholders today approved all resolutions put to the Annual General Meeting in Rotterdam. Voting was by poll on each resolution and the results are set out below.

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  • Unilever PLC AGM 2018 voting results

    London - Unilever PLC shareholders today approved all resolutions put to the 2018 Annual General Meeting in London. Voting was by poll on each resolution and the results are set out below.

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  • A good start with strong volume growth in first quarter

    Today, Unilever announced its results for the first quarter of 2018, which show good volume-driven performance across all three Divisions.

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