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Unilever takes its marketing responsibilities very seriously.

Unilever takes its marketing responsibilities very seriously. In all cases we follow the law, are respectful of differing views, and take care not to offend. In addition, we have our own marketing code of conduct that includes not using size-zero models and explicit guidelines about direct advertising to young children.

We have a wide portfolio of everyday consumer brands across both foods & refreshment and home and beauty & personal care - offering products to consumers that address different needs. We believe consumers understand that different products can and do take different positions in the marketplace. For example, products like ice cream can be considered an indulgence, others are essential for a balanced diet, and some are explicitly designed to help manage weight while maintaining a balanced diet. Some brands help consumers feel good about themselves, and others are designed to offer hygienic living for them and their family.

What unites all the products in the Unilever portfolio is our Vitality mission which seeks to promote products that help our consumers look good, feel good and get more out of life. Dove and Axe are both great examples of that mission. The campaigns for both brands resist telling people how they should look and both aim to build people's confidence and self-esteem.

Each of our brands talks to its target consumers in a way that is relevant and that communicates its own unique proposition. Across the world, different people want different things. We have teams whose job is to find out exactly what people want and to come up with innovative marketing campaigns to reach out to them in a way that speaks to them. Sometimes that's serious and informative; other-times it's light-hearted and amusing.

In fact, we are recognized as being one of the most creative companies in the world in this respect and we are very careful to try to ensure that we do not offend.

Some of our brands incorporate social positions in their programmes. For instance, Lifebuoy soap in India and Africa supports hand-washing campaigns that are designed specifically to reduce instances of diarrhoea. Ben & Jerry's has been taking a stance on climate change and other social issues for many years. And Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty, which promotes the idea that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and ages, is a good example of aligning the values of the brand with what's important for its target audience. Unilever's founder, Lord Leverhulme, built his business on the goal to save lives and preserve health - a mission we remain committed to through our "vitality" focus.

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