Unilever joins Climate Savers® Computing Initiative

Unilever today announced its membership of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, a non-profit group of consumers, businesses and conservation organisations dedicated to reducing the energy consumption of computers.

Commits to energy-efficient IT practices & raising power management awareness

Unilever will join forces with other industry leaders, to work on the adoption of energy-efficient PCs and servers, and to increase the awareness and use of computer power management strategies. By 2010, the Climate Savers Computing Initiative’s goal is to reduce global computer CO2 emissions by 54 million tons per year, which is equivalent to the annual output of 11 million cars or 10 to 20 coal-fired power plants.

Paulo de Sa, Unilever’s vice president of IT, explained: "We are very pleased to be joining Climate Savers Computing Initiative. We continuously address the issue of sustainability throughout our business, carefully considering the environmental and social impact of all our activities. Our commitment to reducing energy consumption through smarter use of IT fits perfectly with our agenda. When it comes to the environment, we believe that doing the right things for the right reasons is good for our consumers, our customers and our business."

In 2008, Unilever introduced the Green IT programme, a strategy aimed at reducing the impact of IT operations on the environment in such areas as energy use, procurement, consumables, and e-waste.

Pat Tiernan, executive director of Climate Savers Computing Initiative, said: "Unilever’s leadership paves the way for other companies and individuals to join our group, and together we can dramatically reduce global CO2emissions from the operation of computers."

“By participating in the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, Unilever is demonstrating a meaningful commitment to furthering the adoption of energy-efficient technology and IT practices,” added Lizzie Schueler, World Wildlife Fund representative on the Climate Savers Computing Initiative Board of Directors.

As a member of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, Unilever is committed to reducing energy consumption from a majority of its computing equipment by:

  • Pledging to purchase or lease high-efficiency computer equipment that meets or exceeds “Energy Star” ratings.
  • Optimising existing computer systems to use power management capabilities, such as hibernation and sleep modes.
  • Ensuring future Unilever purchases or leases of computing equipment are increasingly energy efficient.


Notes to editor:

In a typical desktop PC, nearly half of the power coming from the outlet never reaches the processor, memory, or disks. This wasted electricity is dispersed as heat, increasing the cost of powering a computer, and emitting greenhouse gases. The added heat from inefficient computers can increase the demand on air conditioners and cooling systems, making the computing equipment more expensive to run. Servers are more efficient than desktops, but still typically waste 30 to 40 percent of the input power.

Learn more about Green IT and Unilever’s commitment to a sustainable business

About Climate Savers Computing

The Climate Savers Computing Initiative is a nonprofit group of eco-conscious consumers, businesses and conservation organizations dedicated to reducing the energy consumption of computers. More than 475 companies and organizations have joined the Initiative since its launch in June 2007, and thousands of individuals have pledged their support.

The Initiative is led by CSC, Dell, Google, HP, Intel, Microsoft and World Wildlife Fund. Sponsors include 1E, Acer Inc., Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Faronics, Fujitsu Limited, Hitachi Ltd., Intuit, Lenovo, NEC Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Inc., Super Micro Computer Inc., Symantec, Verdiem Corporation. For more information and to pledge your support, visit http://www.climatesaverscomputing.org.

Climate Savers® is a trademark or registered trademark of WWF, the international conservation organization. Used under license.

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