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Boosting business skills for people to get ahead in India

The issue

Imagine having the capability to be successful in business but no way of gaining the skills and knowledge to get ahead. Across India, this is the reality for millions who are not given enough opportunities to improve life for themselves and their families.

What can we do about it?

The Rin Shine Academy helps by educating people in India with the basic business skills they need to succeed in the world of work. Through a revolutionary self-learning app, people can teach themselves to speak English confidently, quickly and fluently.

Accessibility is key. So far, over 400,000 people have engaged with the Rin Shine Academy because it is completely free and supports Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telegu and Marathi. And to keep learning varied, it incorporates a range of styles including audio, text and images.

The programme believes that everyone has the talent to succeed and deserves an opportunity to shine. So, through the CV booster tool and interview training, the app empowers people to start on a new career journey.

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