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Save animals and your right to buy cruelty free cosmetics

Save animals and your right to buy cruelty free cosmetics

The problem

In 2013, the EU fully banned the sale of cosmetics with ingredients tested in animals. Currently, 41 countries prohibit animal testing of cosmetics.

But now, the EU’s landmark ban is being destroyed.

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is requesting new animal tests for ingredients with a history of safe use and manufacture, including those solely used in cosmetics.

What we can do about it

Thanks to modern, non-animal scientific alternatives – which Unilever has been developing and using for 40 years – animal testing is not needed to ensure the safety of products that consumer goods companies make, or the ingredients used in them.

We’ve collaborated with more than 100 animal protection groups and personal care brands to support a European Citizens’ Initiative – a formal petition which will reach policy-makers at the European Commission.

The aim is to send a very clear message that demands for new animal testing go against the will of EU citizens.

More than 1 million people have already signed. Will you join them?

Commit to a Europe without animal testing on cosmetics

Sign the European Citizens’ Initiative now! (Opens in a new window)

You will be redirected to the initiative owners third-party site to take action. Please note that this third-party site may not be in English. Please return to the Take Action Hub to find more initiatives!

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