Underwater view of a school of Hammerhead shark

Take community action to reconnect with the ocean

The problem

The ocean is the biggest regulator of our climate, and a vital tool for tackling global warming, storing around 49 times the amount of carbon as is in the atmosphere.

And yet we’re putting it under pressure like never before. When it comes to environmental understanding and protection, marine habitats are often out of sight and out of mind.

What we can do about it

If you believe that we should protect what we love, now’s the time to spend more time in the marine environment. By connecting with the natural world, we can all do our own small bit to help look after it.

Not sure where to start? If you’re based in the South West London, the Ocean Conservation Trust in Plymouth offers a range of exciting community sessions to help you reconnect with the ocean.

Join guided snorkel safaris to see ocean life up close or help out on shore by joining a regular beach clean. If you have mobility issues, there are even ocean VR experiences to bring the ocean to you.

If you’re not in the London, check out other similar NGOs closer to you to find out what community activities you can join.

Take community action to reconnect with the ocean

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