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Submit invoice - 1: Tradeshift e-invoice and Vendor Query Portal (VQP)

Unilever’s e-invoicing platform powered by Tradeshift is applicable for the countries listed below.

Applicable countries:

LATAM: Costa Rica.

SOUTH ASIA: India, Sri Lanka.

NAMET: United Arab Emirates.

AFRICA: Cote D'Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa.

SEAA: Unilever Asia Private Limited, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and New Zealand.

Electronic Invoice: Our e-invoicing platform powered by Tradeshift

Submit Electronic Invoice (PDF 1.06MB)

Paper Invoice: On an exceptional basis Unilever will accept a paper invoice, these can be submitted to the following addresses: List of Addresses (XLSX 74.74 KB)

View Payment Status: Invoice or payment status can be viewed online on Unilever’s Supplier Portal. Click here: to access some helpful training guides (PDF 1.35MB)

Technical support: To contact Tradeshift’s Technical Support Team in order to create or access your Tradeshift account or to submit an e-invoice click below: Tradeshift Support Contact

Country Exceptions

North America - Mailing addresses can be different to billing and shipping addresses. The supplier should confirm address details with the service requestor.

For non-PO order exceptions (where no purchase order has been raised): invoices must include coding details (General Ledger account number, cost centre, profit centre, internal order) and approval or signature.

Foreign, service-based invoices should indicate if there was any travel included. If yes, please provide the destination.

France - Non-PO invoices: coding details to be provided by the vendor on the invoice image.

Poland - Exchange rate and VAT amount in PLN should be mentioned on invoices issued by Polish suppliers in foreign currency.

For invoices related fixed assets: please indicate if it is with or without instalment.

Nordics - Supplier should mention precisely the type of transaction (goods/services).

Italy - Custom invoices should have FAI documents attached.

Invoices billed by domestic vendors for 0% vat should contain the Article number.

Switzerland - In attachment of invoice image: ESR number should be mentioned for all documents when bank details are missing.

Hungary - TRD (Tax Reporting Date) should be mentioned on the invoice image

Group VAT number

EU VAT art quotation in case of an intra-EU invoice

For domestic invoices with foreign currency, the VAT amount should be mentioned in HUF

EU VAT act quotation in case of an export invoice

Reverse-charge phase in case of reverse-charge transactions

Czech and Slovak - TRD (Tax Reporting Date) should be mentioned on the invoice image.

Ensure “quantity and type of delivered goods or range and type of services provided” is included. If the list/description is too long and detailed, it should be part of an annex.

If goods are purchased goods from another EU country, the supplier should include:

  1. customs tariff number
  2. country of origin
  3. net weight of goods
  4. delivery condition
  5. type of transport (truck, ship, aircraft, train)

Arabia - Guidelines for suppliers in Arabia (PDF 346KB)

Cote D'Ivoire -Guidelines for suppliers in Cote D'Ivoire (PDF 598KB)

Ethiopia - Guidelines for suppliers in Ethiopia (PDF 767KB)

Ghana - Guidelines for suppliers in Ghana (PDF 478KB)

Kenya - Guidelines for suppliers in Kenya (PDF 745KB)

Malawi - Guidelines for suppliers in Malawi (PDF 1,024KB)

Malaysia - Guidelines for suppliers in Malaysia (PDF 473KB)

Mozambique - Guidelines for suppliers in Mozambique (PDF 1MB)

New Zealand - Guidelines for suppliers in New Zealand (PDF 267KB)

Nigeria - Guidelines for suppliers in in Nigeria (PDF 483KB)

Philippines - Guidelines for suppliers in the Philippines (PDF 309KB)

Tanzania - Guidelines for suppliers in Tanzania (PDF 814KB)

Uganda - Guidelines for suppliers in Uganda (PDF 816KB)

Unilever South Africa - Guidelines for suppliers to Unilever South Africa (PDF 897KB)

UMCDA South Africa - Guidelines for suppliers to UMCDA South Africa (PDF 821KB)

Zambia - Guidelines for suppliers in Zambia (PDF 1MB)

Zimbabwe - Guidelines for suppliers in Zimbabwe (PDF 941KB)

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Terms and Conditions

Find the terms and conditions relevant to your market along with additional specific terms and conditions.

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