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Forest Footprint Analytics

We are working to understand our forest footprint. In 2021, we published our first forest footprint report for palm oil (PDF 12.38 MB), focusing on Aceh, Indonesia. It is important for us to have a better understanding of the total area of forests, peatlands, and communities that have been, or could be, impacted by our consumption of forest risk commodities.

We are conducting this through a combination of supplier information, concession boundaries, indicative algorithms, deforestation alerts, carbon layers, and social indicators. Our forest footprint exercise includes the potential impact on forests and peatland by supply chain actors and the areas that remain at risk. It also includes the potential effects on the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities. We are in the process of scaling our forest footprint analysis globally for palm oil and will publish the results through a digital interactive tool later this year.

We believe that having an improved understanding of our sourcing areas and their potential impact, could help us act quicker when we see issues occurring on the ground and to support us in preventing these issues, such as deforestation and peatland conversion, from happening.

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