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Aerial view of a tropical forest

Our deforestation-free strategy

We have taken a path that interlinks nature, climate, and people in the fight against climate change to align our efforts in reducing inequalities and improving livelihoods, to maintain and increase impact.

We focused our efforts on fundamentally reshaping the way we source, building new skills, reformulating products, and investing in infrastructure, systems, and networks. We are working intensely to help farmers improve their practices, including setting strong deforestation-free requirements for our suppliers through our policies and our supplier contracts. We also support the protection, restoration, and regeneration of nature through coordinated multi-stakeholder action in various landscape initiatives.

There are four pillars to our work:

  1. Working with suppliers and putting in place a great deal of infrastructure, systems, and policy requirements to manage our ongoing deforestation-free supply base.
  2. Directly investing in infrastructure, technology, and innovation to ensure traceability of the most complex aspects of our supply chain, and improved land use.
  3. Empowering farmers and smallholders in the communities and areas we source from, to embrace deforestation-free practices; and driving the change beyond our own supply chain.
  4. Driving protection, restoration, and regeneration of nature at a landscape level.

In addition, we work with governments, NGOs, and other partners, to drive compliance and progress across the industry.

We are guided by our industry-leading cross-commodity People & Nature Policy (PDF 2.03 MB) and the related guidelines (PDF 1.63 MB) and are proud of the progress and contribution we have made so far. However, we know there is still much work to do.

Mist through a tropical forest

Deforestation-free supply chain

We're working to ensure a deforestation-free supply chain as part of our efforts to protect nature, tackle climate change and promote human rights.

image of trees in a forest

Our deforestation-free progress

We are proud that 97.5% of our palm oil, paper and board, tea, soy, and cocoa order volumes were independently verified as deforestation-free by the end of 2023.

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