Enhancing the livelihoods of cashew nut farmers in Ghana

In Ghana, Unilever is helping smallholder cashew nut farmers increase their income by adopting better agricultural practices. And thanks to business development initiatives, farmers are receiving training in management and financial methods, as well as gaining access to responsible sources of credit.

All-round programme of improvements

The programme in Ghana is enhancing the livelihoods of cashew farmers by improving agriculture, which in turn increases their income from US$200 a year to around of US$280–290. We are also training farmers – 25% of them are women – and distributing 100,000 hybrid saplings. We are creating 225 farmer associations.

Cashew nut farmers

We are exploring other ways in which we can help these farming communities, such help with access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. And our supplier Olam advances ‘soft’ loans – at below the normal interest rate – to the farmers which they use achieve a better life, with enough money to buy books for their children when they start school.

Smallholder farmers also need good financial understanding and management skills, and we are looking at opportunities to build a programme of training packages, geared to farm needs, as well as partnering with organisations that can provide access to responsible credit and savings facilities.

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