Social support for women hibiscus farmers in Sudan

Unilever is empowering rural women in Sudan to increase the yields on their farms, helping them implement smart steps to improve the quality and value of their produce. It’s a big step forward in a country which has traditionally excluded women from education and training.

Supply chain improvement programme

Around 60–70% of the farmers are women, and this programme is empowering them as they face overlapping crises of poverty, environmental degradation and discrimination. Many of them struggle to provide enough food to keep their families from starving.

While they grow and harvest the majority of their families’ food, they are often excluded from traditional support programmes and often cannot get credit or even agricultural inputs such as seeds and fertiliser.

The Hibiscus Supply Chain improvement programme from Unilever aims to help 5000 women smallholders in 30 villages to increase yields as well as improve the drying and cleaning processes that will deliver higher-value material and support better health, for example through access to clean drinking water and health and hygiene programmes.