RSPO certification for Indonesia’s first independent smallholder farmer group

In partnership with WWF Indonesia and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), we supported the certification of around 360 independent smallholder farmers in Riau, Indonesia, in 2013 and committed to purchasing GreenPalm certificates from the group until 2018.

Palm oil workers

This project enabled smallholders to have a positive environmental, economic and social impact while producing palm oil sustainably. Amanah is the first group of independent smallholders in Indonesia to become RSPO certified and currently has more than 500 members in its association.

Supporting livelihoods, improving practices

We continue to be one of the largest buyers of independent smallholder RSPO certificates for Indonesia. We believe that, through the purchasing of these certificates, we can directly incentivise and support the livelihoods and sustainable agriculture practices of independent smallholder farmers.

Working with partners

We are aiming to support and empower 25,000 smallholder farmers in various priority regions by 2030. As part of these efforts, we will continue to work alongside partners on projects that support RSPO certification through direct investment in programmes and through the purchasing of independent smallholder certificates. Together with our suppliers and partners, we are currently supporting various independent smallholder groups to obtain RSPO certification and to work with them in overcoming barriers to productivity, profitability, and sustainability in different parts of Indonesia such as in North Sumatera, Riau, Central Kalimantan, as well as in Sabah, Malaysia.

These include land tenure challenges, poor agricultural practices, and lack of access to markets or to finance for replanting and certification. Unlocking their potential through sustainable agriculture will play a vital role in driving lasting positive change across the entire palm oil sector.