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Sustainable Nutrition

We believe in foods and refreshments that taste good, feel good and are a force for good.

Pot of food on a table

To feed the world’s growing population, we will need more food in the next 50 years than we have in the last 10,000 years. Our global food system is being impacted by climate change and resource scarcity, resulting in a lack of resilience, poor livelihoods, rising levels of obesity and persistent malnutrition. We need a total redesign of our global food system, to one that is productive, sustainable, nutritious and resilient, with a stronger connection between food production and consumption.

In response, we have developed a strategy to guide our business. Sustainable Nutrition is a commitment to sustainable production and consumption. It recognises Unilever’s role in fixing the broken food system by producing nutritious food with respect for ecosystems, benefiting the livelihoods of food producers and improving the health and wellbeing of consumers. It has six commitments at its heart.

Sustainable Nutrition infographic

Connecting people with purpose

Every day, our brands bring millions of people together over a meal, ice cream or a cup of tea. Our Sustainable Living brands celebrate the opportunity that consuming food and drink provides in forging connections and breaking down social barriers. Six of our 18 Sustainable Living brands are from our Foods and Refreshment category, and all are in our top 40 products, including five of the ten biggest: Knorr, Lipton, Hellmann’s, Heartbrand (Wall’s) and Magnum.

Our aim is to increase our reach to 10 million stores by 2020 and, through our brands, we are directly helping to address some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Grown for good

We believe in the importance of nutritious food grown sustainably. We want farmers, growers and pickers across our value chain – many of whom are women – to benefit from working with us. We will continue to explore opportunities in plant-based products to respond to and influence consumer demand. By promoting plant-based alternatives and moving towards 100% sustainably sourced ingredients, we aim to reduce our environmental impact and provide consumer choice across our portfolio.

Find out more about how we are sourcing more sustainable ingredients.

Health and well-being

We believe in enabling people to eat healthier diets by offering healthy products that are suitable for their diet, age, lifestyle and budget. Sales growth of our food products that have been nutritionally improved, or meet our Highest Nutritional Standards, are double that of our average foods and refreshment category growth.

A healthier diet means more variety and seasonal foods, less meat, salt, fat and sugar; more natural ingredients such as fruit and vegetables, legumes, plant-based food, wholegrains, healthy oils and natural drinks such as tea. To this effect, we have committed that 60% of our total portfolio will meet our Highest Nutritional Standards. In addition, we make sure that all our employees have access to health and well-being programmes that help them improve their nutrition.

Find out more about how we are offering healthier products.

Nutritious cooking

We believe in empowering people to cook tastier, nutritious meals, with varied ingredients, in flexible ways that suit their lifestyles and budgets. Unilever Food Solutions, our dedicated food service business, connects thousands of professional chefs around the world. We will champion nutritious cooking, creating great-tasting meals that are better for people and the planet, utilising our brands, extensive chef networks and key global partnerships.

Find out more about how we are promoting nutritious cooking.

Food fortification

We help consumers get the nutrients they need from high-quality, delicious products they love, and brands they trust. To help people with micronutrient deficiencies, we are increasing our efforts to address undernutrition. By 2022, we will provide more than 200 billion servings with at least one of the five key micronutrients (iodine, vitamins A and D, zinc and iron). This is roughly double the amount of servings we currently sell. We will prioritise helping people in most need at affordable prices, and will work with key partners to develop impactful behavioural-change programmes.

Find out more about how we are addressing food fortification.

Reducing our environmental impact

We believe that by focusing on preserving our planet through sustainable production practices, we can help people throughout our value chain to thrive, while enabling our business to succeed in the long term. We are committed to reducing our waste and emissions from sourcing through to manufacturing, distribution and selling. We will ensure that all our plastic packaging is fully reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. We will also develop creative solutions to reduce food waste in the kitchen, inspiring consumers and chefs to do the same.

Find out more about how we are reducing our environmental impact across our food and refreshment portfolio.

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