Sustainable sourcing

This work supports the following UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Zero Hunger
  • Climate Action
  • Life on Land
  • Partnership For The Goals
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Our approach to sustainable sourcing

Focusing on our key crops and commodities helps us make the biggest impacts faster as we grow our business.

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The raw materials that make brands loved by billions

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People a day use a Unilever product

Around 2.5 billion people a day use a Unilever product – and each year we use raw materials from around the world to make them.

Many of the raw materials we use in our brands come from farms and forests and a secure, sustainable supply of these materials is essential to the future growth of our business. Our agricultural supply chain, because it connects us to millions of people, also creates a pathway to realise our ambitions for positive social impact. That's why our commitment to sustainable sourcing is a crucial part of our Unilever Sustainable Living Plan.

We want to drive sustainability throughout our supply chain, and to make the greatest progress as fast as possible, we've focused our efforts on a priority set of key crops and commodities, chosen for their importance to our business and our brands as well as our ability to have a greater positive impact within these agricultural sectors.

In this Report (our Sustainable Living Report), we describe how we’ve reviewed our strategy and evolved our approach to sustainable sourcing. We cover our commitments and progress, including on palm oil and tea, as well as our Sustainable Agriculture Programme, which is the foundation of our approach to sustainable agricultural production and helps us drive up standards for paper and board, soy and other oils, fruit, vegetables, cocoa, sugar and dairy. The Programme also sets out how we protect biodiversity.

Transforming global food systems describes how we're working to achieve the wider transformational changes that will further improve the lives of farmers, the productivity of their farms and the resilience of our supply chains, while Connecting consumers & sustainability explains how our work is enabling people to choose products with sustainable ingredients.

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