Einav Gefen

Einav is passionate about helping families enjoy affordable, nutritionally balanced meals.

Making mealtimes easier

While many parents want to cook nutritious, tempting meals at home, they lack the skills and the time to do so. Their own parents may not have been as savvy in the kitchen as their grandparents, and with today’s busy lifestyles families don’t always eat together as they used to years ago.

That’s something Einav Gefen, Unilever North America’s Corporate Chef and Culinary Team Manager, wants to change.

“Cooking isn’t just about food – it’s about memory and connection. We have to find our path back to the kitchen,” she says.

“I’m inspired by our consumers and by knowing how important it is to people that they can gather their family around the table and provide healthy food that suits their budget.”

Reaching millions

Einav and her team come up with many of the new ideas, recipes and concepts for Unilever’s Knorr brand. She also works with suppliers to ensure ingredients are sustainably sourced and of the highest quality.

To help ease the pressure parents might feel at mealtimes, Einav puts the consumer at the heart of her work – and takes pride in developing dishes which combine taste with simplicity.

“In my role, I can help parents prepare great meals in two ways – by developing products which help them add flavour to their own cooking, and by creating foolproof recipes which we test in the Knorr kitchens and share on our brands’ websites and packaging,” she explains.

And by working for Unilever, Einav knows her creations will reach millions of households.

Small actions, big changes

Einav believes so strongly in her cause that she says it wasn’t difficult to talk about it passionately at TED@Unilever – and she was keen to let people know about Unilever’s ambition to improve well-being for people around the world.

“I always knew Unilever had a mission, but seeing how far we’re going to make a difference and hearing first hand about how small actions add up to big changes was inspiring,” she concludes.

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