Enhancing entrepreneurial and life skills

Our personal and home care brands provide opportunities to provide life skills and training to our female consumers.

Empowering women consumers through our brands

As well as providing training to the women who work with us in agriculture and in our retail operations, we also use our brands to enhance vocational and soft skills for our female consumers.

For example, our Dove Self-Esteem Project helps young girls build body confidence and strengthen their self-worth. By 2015 we had reached 19.3 million young people with self-esteem education around the world. Read more in Dove inspires a new generation.

Training with our personal and home care brands in particular is helping many women achieve economic and social participation, and helps us to build brand loyalty.

Empowering women to find work with Sunsilk & TRESemmé

In 2015, our haircare brand, Sunsilk, partnered with Project Prabhat in India. This is helping to develop the local communities and empower young women around our manufacturing sites. We contribute Sunsilk start-up kits to participants on the project’s government-recognised beautician and hairdressing course. This provides them with the tools and resources they need to find jobs or start their own businesses. To date, around 50% of the certified beneficiaries have already found work.

Similarly, since 2012 our TRESemmé haircare products have played a key role in sponsoring the Tesourinha Project in Brazil. This trains people from poor communities in beauty, make-up and hairdressing. Graduates of the course receive a professional qualification and help in finding a job.

Both these courses have helped thousands of women, and we are continuing to support them in 2016.

Fair & Lovely enables access to education

Our facial moisturiser, Fair & Lovely, is helping young women across Asia and Africa to develop their self-identity through access to education and vocational training. Since 2011, our Fair & Lovely Foundation Scholarships programme has helped around 1,300 women in India. In 2015, we launched the scholarships in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and we plan to expand this programme further in the future.

Rin and Brilhante help women to shine

Women and girls are often left behind when it comes to education in developing countries, so providing access to training and skills is critical to empowering women economically.

Our detergent brands Rin and Brilhante believe everybody deserves the opportunity to shine and are helping women develop the skills and confidence needed for the workplace. In 2015 they launched two initiatives. In India, the Rin Career Academy helps women to improve their spoken English, personal grooming and interview techniques, while in Brazil women are developing the entrepreneurship skills needed to start their own business through Escola Brilhante. Around 114,000 women are benefiting from these initiatives.

Saving women time with Sunlight and Comfort

It is estimated that, globally, women spend 200 million hours every day collecting water. Our home care brand, Comfort has launched ‘One Rinse’ variants to free up women’s time and reduce the amount of water used in each wash.

Digital solutions to empower women

In today’s digital world, we are increasingly looking at digital solutions, using our brands and partners, to help empower women.

In 2015 we entered into a multi-year, global partnership with VICE (the youth media company and content creation studio) to support its female-focused channel, Broadly. Through media and sponsorship of original Broadly franchises, we will support VICE’s mission of delivering content that young people care about to an audience of hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide.

Broadly offers daily editorial on a variety of subjects spanning politics, culture, sex and fashion, using documentary storytelling to help educate and broaden horizons. Commenting on the partnership, our Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Keith Weed said: “This platform represents a perfect opportunity to combine VICE’s reach and relevancy with the authenticity and values of our brands, which include Dove and TRESemmé. We believe that Broadly can drive purposeful, authentic and lasting conversations with our consumers, particularly the worldwide community of young women who can now engage with content that focuses on what matters most to them.”

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