Human microbiome

The human body contains trillions of micro-organisms. They are present all over the body including on the skin and in the digestive system. The collection of these organisms is called the microbiome and it is unique to each of us.

the human microbiome

The microbiome is an exciting area of scientific discovery and understanding. A balanced microbiome containing a diversity of organisms helps to maintain health and is essential for human development, immunity, health and wellbeing. Each of our individual microbiomes adapts throughout our lifetime and people can achieve a healthy microbiome in different ways.

At Unilever, we work to enhance the health and wellbeing of people all over the world. One way we do this is by supporting people to have a healthy and balanced microbiome; ensuring the microbiome is resilient; and by promoting and stimulating the growth of good bacteria.

We work with world renowned experts to understand the microbiome and develop products that are specifically designed to support it. For example, good hygiene practices such as hand washing and mild cleansing can help to preserve a balanced microbiome and enhance the skin’s natural defense immunity; a healthy oral microbiome helps to prevent gum disease; and a balanced gut microbiome can positively affect our metabolism and how we process energy from food.

We have a global team of expert microbiologists who are dedicated to this area of research. We quickly adopt new techniques once they are validated and develop new techniques ourselves. We are supporting research to build even more knowledge and understanding of this vast and continuously developing area of science. All of Unilever’s products are thoroughly assessed to be both effective and safe.