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Unmissably superior products that are sustainable and great value


Clean home, clean planet, clean future.

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Clean home.

A mother and son jumping on bed together.

Clean planet.

A forest scene in the mountains.

Clean future.

Parents teaching their child to work whilst the sun sets.

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Creating unmissably superior experiences with our brands

Unmissable superiority means superior experience with our brands, from the disappearance of difficult stains to well-designed packaging that enhances how people use and enjoy the products in their home.

To deliver on that, we’re constantly listening to consumers and changing the way we develop and test our products based on what they tell us. This goes beyond simply how well a product cleans. It’s about everything from how it feels to the touch and how convenient it is to use, to the swoosh sound of a trigger spray and the comfort of knowing the ingredients will biodegrade.

One example of how we’re tapping into people’s emotional connection with cleaning is through our partnership with CleanTok, TikTok’s cleaning community. Here, content creators show their followers how they’re using our products, with handy hacks and real-life reviews. This partnership gives us great insights that we can use to ensure we’re offering people exactly what they want now, as well as helping to deliver the next generation of cleaning products.

A person pulling a blanket from a basket close to their nose and smelling it.

Delivering great value to our consumers

Product performance at the right price equals great value. And we know that’s exactly what shoppers are looking for.

To deliver great value, we develop clever formulations that have the same – or improved – cleaning power but with fewer, more innovative ingredients.

We also ensure that our business is as agile and efficient as possible, by investing in technology that accelerates the digitalisation of our operations.

An adult and two young children at the kitchen sink washing dishes

Embedding sustainability

We want to lead the transition to net zero in our industry through ingredients that are low carbon, more renewable and biodegradable, as well as packaging that’s designed so there’s no plastic waste.

It’s not just about making our current formulations and packs sustainable. It’s also about coming up with totally new solutions right from the outset.

We are making good progress. We reached 25% PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic in 2022, reduced the greenhouse gas intensity per consumer use of our products by 39% on average over the last decade, and pioneered the switch to cardboard packaging.

We’re using our scale to advocate for policies that drive industry-wide change.

Find out more about reducing emissions from the chemicals industry
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Picture of Eduardo Campanella

“Our Clean Future strategy enables us to deliver superior products that are both more sustainable and affordable, meeting the diverse needs of consumers worldwide.”

Eduardo Campanella, Business Group President, Home Care

World class manufacturing

Three of our Home Care factories are part of the World Economic Forum’s network of ‘Advanced Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) Lighthouses’. These sites adopt and deploy advanced technologies to maximise efficiency and competitiveness, and drive sustainable and responsible business growth. They stand as a benchmark and a replicable model for manufacturers of all sizes, across different geographies and industries.

Indaiatuba, in São Paulo, was the first of our factories in Latin America to earn this recognition. Dapada, in Mumbai, was the first FMCG factory in India to join the network. And Hefei, in China – which is our largest production facility in the world – joined the network in 2020.

The power of partnerships

The power of partnerships

Innovations like these are only possible by joining forces with partners who are at the forefront of their fields. This is how we develop the new technologies and solutions that will help us deliver superior, sustainable and great value products, and revolutionise the cleaning industry.

Developing new proteins and enzymes

We’re working with protein design company Arzeda to explore the potential of some of the most incredible ingredients in nature: enzymes. We’re using artificial intelligence and bioscience to create new proteins and enzymes that fight stains better, use less water and energy, and replace petrochemical-derived ingredients. This will help us cut the amount of ingredients in our formulas to reduce their impact on the environment, and create products that work superbly well in cold water. The partnership will also advance our commitment to reach net zero emissions from our products by 2039.

How we’re using AI to develop performance-boosting enzymes

Illustration of an enzyme

Scaling alternatives to palm oil

Alongside Genomatica, a leader in biotech and sustainability, we launched a venture to scale and commercialise alternatives to palm oil and fossil-fuel-derived cleansing ingredients. With growing demand for sustainably sourced palm oil, we aim to bring responsibly sourced alternatives to the market at a competitive cost. The innovation is particularly relevant to cleaning products that require ingredients to lather and lift dirt. At present, there are few viable and affordable alternatives to palm and fossil sources that can be produced at scale to make those ingredients.

How we’re finding alternatives to fossil-fuel-based chemicals

A person in a science lab wearing gloves and eye protection adding liquid to a test tube.

Putting carbon waste to work for net zero

In the UK, we’re working with 14 industry partners on the Flue2Chem programme – a cross-sector collaboration aiming to find ways of turning waste gases into sustainable chemicals for consumer products. This is the first initiative that has committed to finding solutions that could work at scale and provide the step change needed to ensure that the UK, and in time the world, reaches its net zero targets. We have already piloted products using captured carbon emissions such as OMO laundry detergent in China, Sunlight hand dishwash in South Africa and Coral+ laundry detergent in Germany.

Read more about our work with Flue2Chem

An abstract image of water molecules – clear globes connected together by strands

Creating biodegradable biosurfactants

We have been working with world-leading chemical specialist Evonik for several years now, looking to develop the use of rhamnolipids – a high-performance biosurfactant made using sugar as its main raw material. The biosurfactant has great potential to help reduce the cleaning industry’s carbon impact as it’s fully biodegradable with a low-impact lifecycle. When we started using this revolutionary sustainable foaming agent in our Quix hand dishwash liquid in 2019, it was a world first. Now, we’re taking it global.

Putting laundry and cleaning products on net zero emissions pathway

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