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Long Live Clothes

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Clothes are more than just clothes. They have power and we love them. We know how important it is to make those beloved items last.

Comfort adds life to clothes so that they can add to every life, with each wash, giving the wearer the enhancement they need. Comfort wants your clothes to look as amazing as you feel.

Committed to making the planet a better place by giving your clothes a long life

The world is changing. Fashion is changing. But we’re not just talking in terms of colour, length, or silhouette – the whole industry itself is changing. We’re helping to keep your clothes looking newer for longer, so you can break the fast fashion cycle and enjoy your clothes – instead of disposing of them and buying more at your expense (and at the expense of the planet).

Colour protection

Pro-Fibre™ technology in Comfort Ultimate Care maintains colour vibrancy and vividness (and not just black, all colours!) – just look at these jeans after 15 washes.

Comfort Colour

Shape protection

Pro-Fibre™ technology forms a protective, flexible network around fibres that prevents them from shrinking in the wash. Simply put, it preserves your t-shirt’s shape, and protects your modesty too. This picture was after seven washes.

Comfort shape

Print protection

Print protection – Pro-Fibre™ technology helps to maintain the design. This t-shirt has been washed 20 times and you can see how it still looks just like new, thanks to Comfort Ultimate Care.

Comfort print

Fibre protection

This wool jumper has been washed 7 times. Pro-Fibre™ technology has formed a protective, flexible layer on the fibres that prevents them from rubbing together in the wash.

Comfort fibre

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More about Comfort

Check out your local Comfort website for more details on why you should use fabric conditioner (Opens in a pop-up window ) and for tips on clothing care (Opens in a pop-up window ).

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