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True to pleasure

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The Magnum brand has become renowned for pleasure - and ice cream decadence - around the world. To Magnum, pleasure really is everything. It can be found in the smallest, and the biggest things, and wants to take your pleasure to the highest level possible.

Are you ready?

Making chocolate history

Magnum history starts from the very beginning: launched in 1989 in Europe, the Magnum Classic was the first hand-held ice cream aimed exclusively at adults.

Magnum premium Belgium chocolatier pioneers developed a unique chocolate coating with the signature ‘crack’ to accompany a deliciously smooth vanilla ice cream. In 1992, to the delight of pleasure seekers, several new Magnum products were released, including Magnum White and Almond.

From Magnum Mini, to Magnum Double Tubs, and Magnum Vegan – Magnum has been busy innovating ever since. It is now available in over 80 countries and delivers true moments of pleasure to billions of people.

For pure pleasure seekers

Magnum believes in true, authentic pleasure. Pleasure so good that it’s worth letting go for. Magnum works with the best chocolate, ice cream and dessert experts around the world to constantly push the boundaries of indulgence and sophistication. To deliver the perfect contrast between the signature cracking chocolate and rich, velvety ice cream. All Magnum ice creams are even sealed with an M stamp to show they are expertly crafted and ready to deliver you that superior pleasure.

A future we care about

While it's spent a quarter of a century devoted to the pursuit of pleasure, Magnum also has a clear commitment to sourcing its chocolate ethically, as part of Unilever's Sustainable Living Plan.

Magnum has pledged to source 100% of its cocoa from Rainforest Alliance-certified farms by 2015, which will help create a brighter future for farmers in West Africa.

In return for their delicious cocoa, Magnum provides farmers with fair, sustainable incomes, training in how to respect their environment and improved access to education for their children.

Indulgent ice creams designed for pleasure

Before 1989, the market for ice cream sticks was mostly seasonal and for kids. A new brand called Magnum looked to change that. The handheld ice cream aimed at adults was designed to provide pleasure and indulgence. It’s delivered on that promise ever since.

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