For over 34 years, we’ve helped guys look, feel and smell their most attractive. Men across the globe in over 90 countries reach for Axe – also known as Lynx in the UK, Ireland, Australia and China – to start their day.

We know that what matters to them has evolved. We know that the rules of attraction are changing and that it is about connection, not conquest.

We also know that being a guy is more complex than ever: there is more freedom, fewer rules and a whole world of possibilities.

There is also more pressure than ever: to fit in and to stand out – and much of it gravitates around attraction.

We know from years of research that what makes a guy attractive is… himself. His strengths, his weaknesses, his individuality and most of all how he expresses it.

But despite that, many guys don’t feel comfortable being themselves. Because they’re afraid of what people will say. Afraid that what’s unique about them isn’t considered attractive or acceptable.

We want to change that.

We say “be yourself”.

Our research among over 3,500 guys in ten countries shows that almost half are afraid of looking different for fear of being judged and labelled. That’s why we’re on a mission to awaken guys to the limiting labels that hold them back – and to destroy them.

On top of this, nine out of ten women find guys more attractive when they’re being themselves. Only 20% find stereotypically ‘manly’ guys more attractive. In fact, 57% would rather go out with a guy who is ‘unique and different’ than a guy who is traditionally ‘manly’.

These findings will help us to liberate guys from the pressure to conform and help broaden the definition of masculinity.

We want guys to be their own man. On their own terms. Without pressure from anyone else.

No right. No wrong. No labels.

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