Domestos and sanitation for South African schools

A school toilet refurbishment project in KwaZulu-Natal means that learners no longer have to skip lessons because of substandard sanitation.

Domestos restores school toilets in South Africa

African school boys

Unilever’s Domestos brand is working in partnership with the World Toilet Organization to refurbish facilities at schools in South Africa.

Research indicates that the provision of hygienic toilet facilities contributes directly to the standard of education received by pupils. There are more than 24, 000 public schools in South Africa but fewer than 8,000 have flushing toilets.

"Lack of sanitation is the world’s biggest cause of infection and one of the problems that continues to keep many of our children out of school," says Domestos Marketing Director Sue Stringer.

“Substandard toilet facilities result in absenteeism and especially girls then struggle to complete the curriculum, resulting in missed lessons and lower grades,” she adds.

Sustainable sanitation

As part of Domestos’ global campaign to raise public awareness of good health practices, the refurbishment scheme launched in 2010. Since then five schools have received new toilets in KwaZulu-Natal.

The pupils at Ekuthuleni Primary School are among the beneficiaries. Pupils, parents and teachers are now committed to ensuring the facilities remain clean and hygienic.

Working together to change lives

“The Ekuthuleni project is a fine example of business and education working together to change lives. Educators, learners and parents have all been informed about toilet hygiene and the school will continue with a proper maintenance plan to keep the toilets hygienically clean.

“As an international leader in home hygiene, Domestos is continually committed to public awareness of good health practices and this is another way of delivering an important message and uplifting not only the schools but also the surrounding communities,” sums up Sue.

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