Healthy skin tips

A commitment to healthy skin is also a promise to maintain a healthy overall lifestyle. Here are some simple promises you can make to yourself today.

Be smart about the sun

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Even casual sun exposure - the kind you get while walking to work or running errands - can cause harm to your skin, including wrinkles and premature ageing. That's why sunscreen is a must anytime you head outdoors. And when you come inside after a day in the sun, apply Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Cool & Fresh, a lotion with Aloe Vera and cucumber extracts to refresh and soothe skin.


Not all dry skin is the same. In extreme cases, your skin needs to be healed as well as moisturised. Apply a lotion with proven moisturisers, like Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Healing, to heal severely dry skin and keep it from coming back.

Eat right

To keep your skin healthy from the inside out, eat foods with high levels of antioxidants, like fruits and vegetables. Follow up a vitamin-enriched dinner with a before-bed ritual of Vaseline Intensive Care Nightly Renewal, a lotion that makes the most of the night to renew skin's healthy glow while you sleep.

Keep hydrated

Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is recommended to keep your entire body healthy. But it's also important to hydrate your skin from the outside. To ensure that your skin looks radiant, moisturise with Vaseline Intensive Care Total Moisture, now with 70 per cent more glycerin for more moisturising power in every drop. Just a few drops each day will eliminate dry skin and give you healthy skin for life.

Be more active

Any amount of exercise can help your skin. Even taking a leisurely stroll will improve your circulation, which in turn helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Try Vaseline Intensive Care Firming & Radiance with collagen and pro-retinal to leave your skin smooth and glowing after a workout.

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