Omo asks consumers to get creative

Consumers don't just buy products. Increasingly, they're expressing themselves about their favourite brands – even creating their own films.

Connecting with consumers

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Creative agencies spend hours and hours trying to get inside consumers' heads – so why not go straight to the source and ask them to make content themselves?

'Giant' wins big

Laundry brand Omo recently participated in an international competition held by MOFILM, an organisation which provides creative content to internet and mobile phone companies, in which it asked consumers around the world to make their own short film on the theme of its brand vision, 'Dirt is Good'.

Out of all the entries – many incredibly imaginative and original – one clearly stood out.  Entitled 'Giant', it was the creation of Diana Triana (25) and Claudia Castiblanco Gongora (28) from Colombia, who wanted to show how exploring the world helps kids grow.

Everyday resonance

Their film starred a white plasticine boy, which Diana and Claudia animated using a technique called 'claymation' they learned in just a week. At the beginning of the film, you see him saying goodbye to his mum and heading off for a day of outdoor adventures. At the end of his day of fun, he's covered in stains – but he's also grown in size. The film ends with the strapline 'Children who explore the world become little giants'.

According to the pair, "the film was inspired by many personal memories about how we got our clothes dirty playing in our childhood. This helped us enrich our ideas for the film."

"As women, the Omo brief spoke to our daily lives and was personally compelling – we believe dirt is good and essential for children to grow," Diana adds.

The innovative film enchanted the judges, who said it captured the Omo brand with a high level of creativity. "The winning entry stood out through its creative use of an animation format and its direct, yet individual interpretation of the brief," explains Stefano Frigerio, Global Director, Omo.

On the road for Omo

As winners, Diana and Claudia have been given the opportunity to act as Omo's roving reporters, travelling around the world and talking to mums and kids about their views on 'Dirt is Good'. The pair have yet to decide where to go but are excited about the prospect. According to Diana: "We want to enlarge our scope by meeting people from all over the world and learning about child development in different markets."

The Unilever team are delighted to see how effective content created by consumers can be. "We believe that this competition gives everyday consumers a unique opportunity to speak about how they feel about the brand," says Stefano.

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