Omo says dirt is good

We believe dirt is good. A surprising statement for the company behind some of the world's leading laundry brands?

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We love dirt and for a laundry brand, like Persil/Skip/Via/Omo, that may seem a little odd. However, we understand that if people are going to live full active lives then, on occasions, they're going to get a little grubby.

More than just words

The idea that dirt is good isn't just a catchphrase. It's more a belief in a way of life. And we make sure we have the technology to back it up.

How? Well, for a start, we get out there ourselves and get our hands dirty, continually working to understand all the different kinds of stains kids (and big kids) might come home with. All around the world, we've been doing some exploring of our own, to get scientific about stains: where they come from, what they're made of, and why they can be so stubborn.

Hassle-free cleaning action

Then we work on the technology to make sure our detergents can go to work for you. Our new No Need To Pretreat formula for Skip in Europe and Persil in the UK is specially designed to remove stains with less hassle.

The first step was to optimise the formula for each product with a new mix of polymers and surfactants that ensures we can remove hundreds of everyday stains without pretreatment. The new cleaning system is designed to dissolve particularly rapidly and fully, so it can get to work on wetting the fabric surface and loosening and lifting the dirt without delay. The particles of dirt are then kept in suspension in the wash water, so that they can be easily removed during rinsing, without leaving any residues.

The new technology has been deployed in the various product formats that are being sold under the UK Persil and European Skip brand: powders, liquids, tablets and capsules.

Getting deep into pockets

Secondly, we incorporated our technology to deliver an effervescent action in our products that clean gently deep inside pockets, where kids often store their little discoveries.

In France, our new Skip Actigel tablets have even gone a step further, offering a unique patented technology: a combination of a gel with stain removers and the effervescent action of the tablet. These Actigel tablets dissolve well even at low temperatures, so you can get great cleaning action even at 30°C.

So people can get on with life

Thirdly, we've also worked hard to carefully select the best enzymes for the job. Enzymes are nature's stain removal agents, and we're partnering with Novozymes, a world-leading expert in enzymes, to research and identify which enzymes are particularly good at removing the stains kids might bring home.

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