Rexona knows what makes you sweat

Our scientists recently pointed out that humans produce two quite different types of sweat. There's the sweat your body makes when it's hot. And the sweat you produce when you’re stressed, anxious or emotional.

What about emotional sweat?

Man smells sweaty t-shirt

Most deodorants deal mainly with the first kind – the sweat that's caused by being hot – and are usually tested by volunteers sitting in a sauna.

That's all well and good. But what about emotional sweat – the sweat that starts to break out when you're late for an interview or realise you've lost your house keys?

You produce 'cooling' sweat from glands in the skin all over your body, but emotional sweat is only created in particular areas, including under the arms. You tend to produce emotional sweat in short heavy bursts. In fact when the reaction is triggered you can produce five times more emotional sweat than cooling sweat. And that extra wetness can lead to a stronger smell.

But until recently there hasn't been a deodorant on the market that deals effectively with both types. So we decided to fill the gap.

Feeling under pressure

Great idea – but how would we test our new product? After all, saunas wouldn't be much good for testing emotional sweat. So we got a particularly mean interrogator to fire all kinds of riddles and sums at our volunteers – putting them under pressure to deliver the answers fast.

But they didn't suffer in vain. We've now launched Rexona Activreserve, which not only deals with heat sweat but also has ingredients that kick in whenever you start producing emotional sweat.

So now when you're feeling under pressure, no one else needs to know.

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