Small & Mighty says: Just Concentrate!

The industry's first super-concentrated liquid detergent, Small & Mighty, is really cleaning up by proving to be an environmental and business winner.

Small size, big results

Persil small & mighty bottle

It has taken a lot of concentration to come up with the new Persil Small & Mighty liquid detergent. Concentrating the same number of washes into a bottle one third the size has meant one third the packaging, one third the water used and only one third of the transport compared to diluted liquids.

That's not just good news for the environment. After the positive impact of All Small & Mighty in the US, consumers and customers in Europe are also benefiting from the launch of their own concentrated liquid.

Consumers benefit from a high-performing, convenient washing liquid; customers benefit from supply chain efficiency and more shelf space; and the business benefits from the introduction of a new formula and a reduction in packaging and transport.

It pays to go green

Small & Mighty is helping Unilever to reduce its environmental impact. Almost 30 million bottles were sold in 2007, with savings of 33 million litres of water, plastic equivalent to 262 million shopping bags and 665 tonnes of CO2.

While creating a concentrated liquid detergent that fits into a bottle one third of its previous size is an excellent way of reducing its environmental footprint, the business benefits can be equally as impressive.

Small & Mighty was adopted by ASDA (Wal-Mart) as a 'Volume Producing Item' and Tesco gave highest priority Gold Status to its launch. Small & Mighty also achieved distribution in Mercadona, one of the largest supermarket operators in Spain, where it previously had no listings.

Persil Small & Mighty is one way Unilever continues to drive the laundry market through consumer-led innovation, bringing direct benefits to consumers, customers and the environment.

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