Target practice against household germs

You can't kill every household germ - that's impossible in real life. It's about getting rid of as many as possible from places where there's most risk of germs both being present and spreading. That's known as targeted hygiene.

Hygiene tactics for daily life

In your bathroom

Woman cleaning bathroom using Cif

Although the toilet bowl is often thought of as a haven for germs in the bathroom, it's the places that we take less care over which can be more important in helping to stop the spread of infection. The germs lurking on the bathroom door handle, flush handles and taps need to be dealt with just as stringently.

None of them are a match for Domestos. Regularly (preferably once a day) pour neat Domestos around the inside of your toilet bowl and into the water, and don't forget to squirt under the rim. Wipe the side of the toilet and the seat with Domestos Bleach Cleaning Spray. A regular squirt of neat bleach down the plugholes and overflows will annihilate germs and bad smells.

If somebody in the house is sick the toilet should be disinfected every time they use it. A typical trip to the loo can create up to 100 billion potentially disease causing organisms some of which end up in the air and on the toilet after flushing - even if the lid's put down.

Your pets

However cuddly they may be, cats and dogs can bring a multitude of germs into your home. If your cat walks on the kitchen work surfaces, make sure you clean them thoroughly before preparing food. Cats and dogs have also been found to be a source of salmonella. Clean up after any 'accidents' by removing any solids safely and then cleaning the area with bleach.

Thankfully you can trust Domestos to protect you and your furry friends: a few squirts of Domestos Bleach Cleaning Spray and a rinse quickly disinfects feeding bowls, plastic beds, hutches, beds and litter trays - as well as any grooming equipment like combs and brushes.

In your kitchen

Most people still think that the majority of tummy bugs are picked up at cafes and restaurants but in actual fact 80% of food poisoning is caused by poor food hygiene within the home.

Dish cloths are notorious for harbouring and transferring germs. Finish them off by regularly soaking them in a bowl of water and a good squirt of Domestos Thickest Ever Bleach. Regularly clean the sink with Domestos Bleach Cleaning Spray. And don't forget a quick squirt of neat Domestos down the plughole followed with a rinse of water. This will wipe out germs and revolting smells.

Keep control of your work tops and prevent germs spreading from one surface to the next: clean them all with Domestos as you go and use a separate chopping board for raw meat. Above all don't wipe the surfaces down with the dishcloth once you've finished the washing up. When you're emptying your bin, before changing the bag remember that a few squirts of Domestos Bleach Cleaning Spray followed by a quick rinse will leave germs dead and get rid of revolting smells. Don't forget the outside of the bin too.

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