Time-saving cleaning tips from VIM

Looking for ways to spend more time enjoying your home rather than cleaning it? Take a look at these time-saving ideas from Vim, part of the Cif family. After all, your home is for living – not just for cleaning.

Dusty venetian blinds

A lady cleaning her kitchen using Cif

Clean solution: Place blinds in the bathtub and dilute Vim Oxy-Gel All Purpose Cleaner in water, soak blinds for 10 minutes, then use the shower to rinse clean and hang to air dry.

Ridding grout of stains

Clean solution: Make sure your cleanser is free of heavy dyes. New Vim Oxy-Gel All Purpose Cleaner with active oxygen is lightly coloured, so it will remove old stains without leaving new ones.

Dirty crevices

Clean solution: Use an old toothbrush dipped in Vim Cream Cleanser to clean those awkward bits behind taps.

Cutlery drawer issues

Clean solution: If your stainless steel cutlery is discoloured from tea or coffee, rub a little Vim Cream Cleanser onto the utensil and then rinse clean. If your drawer is sticking, rub the runners with a candle to make opening and closing the drawer easier.

Rubber bath mats

Clean solution: Hang rubber and plastic bath mats up after use. This will prevent them from turning greasy and mouldy. Spray the bath mat regularly with Vim Bathroom Spray to prevent soap scum build-up. Rinse thoroughly and let dry before using.

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