Vaseline celebrates skin stories

Whether it’s a first kiss, a reassuring squeeze of the hand, a hug that takes your breath away or a subtle, gentle touch, skin plays a vital role in emotional connections.

Untold skin stories

Side of a lady's body

Vaseline is asking its Facebook fans around the world to share their own experiences online, through its ‘Untold Skin Stories’ campaign.

Fans logging on to the brand’s global Facebook page, and country-specific sites in Australia, New Zealand, UK, India, Canada, the US and Mexico, are invited to write short posts or add photos or videos about the small, intimate ways in which skin helps them relate to others.

Award-winning videos

Also highlighted on the Facebook pages are the winning films from a competition run by Unilever in partnership with MOFILM – an organisation specialising in creative crowd-sourcing.

As part of the competition, Vaseline asked aspiring film-makers to create videos inspired by the often-untold stories about how skin helps people form emotional connections. The films they made were designed to prompt viewers to consider and discover the benefits they can get from their skin.

The winning video, Melody of Skin, by Ryoko Kawanishi, explores how one small act of caring for someone’s skin can bring so much joy.

Connecting with consumers

“Social media offers Vaseline a unique way to connect with consumers on a two-way basis, learning from them while engaging them in an ‘always-on’ conversation,” says Ricardo Pimenta, Global Vice President, Unilever Health Brands.

“Ultimately, we want to build a body of consumer-created content that’s shareable across diverse platforms – from YouTube to mobile phones.”

Visit to share your untold skin stories, and become a fan of Vaseline.

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