Ben & Jerry’s celebrates Better Dairy support

Ben & Jerry’s has unveiled an enormous work of art featuring the names of more than 293,000 supporters who had backed its campaign to introduce minimum welfare standards to protect Europe’s 23 million dairy cows.

Supporting the better diary

Ben and Jerry's cow mascot celebrates better dairy support

The 12m-wide piece, created by UK-based artist and typographer 17th & Oak, depicted one of the campaign’s key objectives: contented cows with access to pasture.

The first name of each signatory to have backed the campaign since its launch in 2012 also featured, making up a scene of sky, clouds and each of the 28 European flags.

It was presented to the European Commission’s Head of Animal Welfare, Andrea Gavinelli, on 23 October, while Ben & Jerry’s teams scooped free ice cream for passers-by outside the European Parliament headquarters in Brussels.

Campaigning for happy cows

“At Ben & Jerry’s, we love dairy cows, but the sad truth is that many European cows aren’t happy because there are no laws currently in place to protect them from sub-standard living conditions,” explains Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s.

“As ice cream experts, we understand that happy cows and happy farmers mean better tasting ice cream. We have seen the milk of human kindness for cows by the number of signatories to our Supporting Better Dairy campaign.

“Europeans want happy cows and we hope they get their wish and that the EU Commission recognises the need to ensure a minimum standard for dairy cow farming across Europe.”

A positive partnership

The Supporting Better Dairy campaign was a partnership between Ben & Jerry’s, Compassion in World Farming and the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), which aimed to improve welfare standards for Europe’s 23 million dairy cows.

Currently, there are no specific rules in place to protect the welfare needs of dairy cows, unlike guidelines established for pigs, hens and most other farm animals. While Ben & Jerry’s dairy is sourced from the brand’s innovative Caring Dairy scheme, the rest of Europe’s cows aren’t always treated so well.

It is estimated that 10 million cows are currently suffering from issues such as cramped living conditions, a poor diet, health problems and inadequate care and would benefit from the protection of an EU Directive.

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