Dirt is Good revamps Small & Mighty in Europe

Omo, which is also known as Persil and Skip in Europe, is revamping its Small & Mighty bio, non-bio and colour liquids range with a new and improved super concentrate mix and new-look packaging.

Better cleaning results

Woman does washing using Persil Small and Mighty

The new formula liquid has a triple cleaning system which is specifically designed to remove oily, outdoor and red stains. This offers quicker and cooler washes with less impact on the environment while still removing the toughest of stains.

Meanwhile the practical new bottle has an easy-to-open flip-top lid and spout for mess-free pouring. It also features an innovative built-in stain removal ball which not only allows consumers to measure exact dosage, but also to pre-treat tough stains directly before a main wash with its dimpled surface.

Randy Quinn, EVP, Laundry, Unilever, says: “This innovation from Dirt is Good – DiG – is a super concentrate mix with great performance on lower temperatures, which is more sustainable. I can’t wait to see this launch being rolled out in other countries.”

‘Whatever life throws’ campaign launches

New DiG Small & Mighty is now launching in the UK and Ireland before being rolled out in a further ten countries in Europe.

The launch is being marked with a new campaign, Whatever Life Throws, which tackles an important topic in children’s emotional development: building emotional resilience.

As part of the campaign, consumers – and in particular children – will have the chance to create their own stain posters. In digital poster units in shopping centres they can stand in front of the camera and get covered in ‘digital stains’ before seeing their silhouette peel out from the mess.

Join the Be Mighty movement

Elsewhere, a specifically designed Facebook app, part of DiG’s ‘Be Mighty’ movement, invites parents to upload photos of their little heroes having a ‘mighty moment’ – when they do something for the first time or overcome a little fear, like learning to ride a bike or feeding a large animal.

These mighty moments will be featured on DiG’s Facebook page where participants have the chance to claim the title of ‘Mighty Moment of the Week’ and win a year’s supply of new Small & Mighty.

Kathleen Dunlop, Global DiG Equity & Digital Director at Unilever, says: “We’ve designed a whole digital program in line with the core idea of encouraging and supporting parents in allowing kids to try things, make mistakes and try again. This will help them build the emotional resilience necessary to take on whatever life throws at them.”

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