Discover shine and softness with Dove Pure Care Dry Oils

Dove is introducing the new generation of premium oils to smooth, soften and moisturise hair without weighing it down or making it feel greasy.

New premium oil range

splash of oil on two bottles of Dove skincare oil in advert

Dove’s Pure Care Dry Oils are made from first-pressed organic oils which are absorbed in an instant to nourish and pamper hair and leave it looking smoother, shinier and softer from the first use.

There are currently two products in the oils range:

A Nourishing Treatment containing African macadamia oil, rich in omega 7 which is present in the natural protective lipids in the hair.

A Restorative Treatment contains Anatolian pomegranate seed oil, rich in anti-oxidant omega 5, and formulated to leave age-depleted hair feeling strong and supple.

Why Dove is different

Oils have been used as a beauty ingredient by women for thousands of years to give them soft, glossy hair. However, traditional oil treatments are based on vegetable oils like coconut and olive oil; while they’re excellent moisturisers, these oils can make hair look and feel greasy and sticky.

Katya Ivanova, Global R&D for Dove, says: “Recent offerings in the market use silicones to overcome some of these negatives; however, silicones sit on the hair surface and do not penetrate the hair strand. Dove’s new Pure Care Dry Oils are different.

“The unique formulation is scientifically proven to absorb quickly into the hair strand to nourish the hair internally as well as nourishing the hair surface to give it a shiny, silky texture with no greasiness.”

Three ways to use Dove Pure Care Dry Oils

  1. Pre-wash to nourish your hair. Use liberally on your hair before shampooing. Massage into your hair and leave on for up to 30 minutes, then wash with your favourite Dove shampoo for a boost of nourishment.
  2. Post-wash to lock in moisture. Smooth through damp hair to tame tangles and protect strands from blow-drying damage.
  3. As a treatment enhancer. Add a pump of oil to a dose of your favourite conditioner, mask or leave-on treatment to boost its nourishing properties.
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