Dove partners with WAGGGS to spread self-esteem message

Dove has joined forces with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) to reach millions more girls with its self-esteem programme.

Boosting body confidence

school girls taking part in Dove self-esteem initiative

Launched on the UN championed International Day of the Girl, the global partnership aims to empower girls to reach their full potential in life through initiatives that strengthen body confidence and self-esteem.

Mary McPhail, Chief Executive, WAGGGS, says: “Together we can help inspire girls to gain more control over their lives, play a more active role in their communities and always be unstoppable.”

Changing opinions

Dove research shows that six out of 10 girls around the world avoid normal daily activities such as going to school or giving their opinion because they feel bad about their appearance.

On International Day of the Girl, the brand wants to ignite a conversation about body confidence and self-esteem through Facebook, Twitter and local Dove Social Mission pages to rally people to share opinions, photos, videos and stories that will inspire girls to be confident and unstoppable.

Through its new film Girls Unstoppable, Dove explores why girls opt out of doing the things they love because of the way they feel about their looks and reveals the stories of women who realised their potential by conquering their fears and believing in themselves.

Combating Anxiety

“Anxiety about looks is leading to girls to miss out on activities, which is ultimately impacting their contribution to today’s society,” said Dr Susie Orbach, Dove’s Global Advisory Board Chair. “When a girl is imbued with self-belief and a positive self-body image, she is able to overcome her fears and realise her full potential, which is really inspiring to see.”

Dove is committed to reaching 15 million young people by the end of 2015 with its self-esteem programmes.

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