Dove's camera shy exposes beauty anxiety

Women are missing out on some of life’s most memorable moments because they are not happy with the way they look, according to new global research from Dove.

Dove's global research

Dove, camera shy woman hides her face from camera

Around 77% of women are camera shy, saying that they often feel self-conscious or uncomfortable having their photo taken. Anxiety about their appearance prevents them from capturing precious memories with holiday photos, their own wedding pictures or even photos of the birth of their child.

On average, women become more self-conscious in front of the camera at the age of 24, the research shows, while 55% of women now feel more camera shy than they did ten years ago.

Furthermore, 63% of women have destroyed photos of themselves while 41% have used technology to enhance how they look in a photo before posting it online.

Encourgaging women to smile

Dove is committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. In response to this new research, it has created a short film, Camera Shy, to raise the question why women hide from the camera as an adult when they loved the camera as a girl.

It wants to encourage women to recapture the feeling they had when they were young and fearless in front of the camera, to embrace their own beauty without reservation and to pass those lessons on to a girl in their life.

Fernando Machado, Global Brand Vice President, Dove Skin, says: “Women, who are their own worst beauty critic, have anxiety that stops them from feeling confident in front of the camera and causes them to miss out on capturing important moments in their lives. We want that to change.”

Creating a new mindset

Dove wants to inspire women to reconsider their beauty and recognise that they are more beautiful than they think. Encouraging women and the next generation to develop a positive relationship with beauty can help raise their self-esteem and enable them to realise their full potential.

Dove Global Self-Esteem Ambassador Jess Weiner offers these tips:

  • Ban beauty-bashing comments. Negative talk – such as “I look so fat” or “I’m having a bad hair day” – makes everyone feel anxious about their looks.
  • Nobody is perfect. Those ‘perfect’ images of celebrities have been styled and retouched by a team of professionals from start to finish. There is no such thing as perfect beauty.
  • Focus on making memories. Instead of stressing about looks in a photo, think about how you’ll feel looking back years from now, remembering the joy you had at the beach with your family or a celebration shared with friends. When you focus on the type of memory being made, you’ll find that your face and body will relax, resulting in a more natural, genuine smile and true enjoyment.
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