Flora lowers cholesterol in three-week challenge

Flora has been helping entire communities around the world to successfully lower their cholesterol levels through its three-week Flora pro∙activ challenge.

Global reach

group of walkers taking part in Flora cholesterol challenge

More than 90 people from Floraville in Australia, 50 people in Redueña in Spain and 42 people living on Symi island in Greece took part in the challenge to see how eating 25g of Flora pro∙activ each day as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle can help to reduce cholesterol.

After three weeks, 84% of people in Australia had lowered their cholesterol by an average of 7% and four out of five villagers in Spain saw their cholesterol levels fall by an average of 13%. In Greece, 95% of participants managed to lower their cholesterol by the end of the challenge.

Real results

Sean Gogarty, Executive Vice President, Spreads, says: “The results of these activations only serve to show just how effective Flora pro∙activ can be in reducing cholesterol levels. We can genuinely help to save lives as well as well as grow our business. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

As in many developed and developing countries around the world, heart disease is a serious problem in Australia, Greece and Spain – and high cholesterol is a major risk factor.

Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in the blood which is needed to make cell membranes and hormones.

There are two main forms – one good (HDL-cholesterol) and the other bad (LDL-cholesterol). LDL-cholesterol can accumulate in blood vessels which is why it is also called bad cholesterol. Lowering LDL-cholesterol, through a healthy diet and lifestyle, can decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Promoting a healthier life

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death globally. There are many risk factors involved in the development of cardiovascular disease and it is important to take care of all of them. Flora pro∙activ’s challenge is part of its ongoing work to help people adopt better diets and lifestyles to improve heart health.

Visit www.au-flora.com for more information on cholesterol and heart health as well as tips on how to lower your cholesterol levels.

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