Hellmann's unveils 'no messing' bottle

Hellmann’s is introducing new no-messing squeezy bottles across its entire mayonnaise range.

New patented design

Hellmann's new bottle design

The new packaging has an easy open, clean lock cap to help prevent mayonnaise mishaps and a bigger base for greater stability – making it easier to balance the bottle on garden tables when BBQ season rolls round.

Its smooth shape allows for bigger Hellmann’s branding on the label, which makes it easier to find on the shelf.

The new-look bottle is made from PET material, an easily recyclable plastic which is better for the environment.

Better BBQ season

Lola Danlos, Assistant Brand Manager for Hellmann’s, says: "With the BBQ season coming up, consumers will benefit from the new unique features of the packaging format; the clean lock cap with a patented design provides freshness and the conical shape and softer plastic allows for easy pouring, enabling a convenient ‘no messing’ squeeze for an improved experience."

The design, which was developed in response to consumer research and growing demand for squeezy formats, was launched in the UK and Western Europe in the first few months of 2013.

The new bottles are part of the Hellmann’s No Messing campaign, which runs in the UK throughout 2013.

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