How to keep curly hair under control

The quest for frizz-free perfection is one every curly-haired girl will understand. Thankfully Sunsilk curl expert and co-creator, Ouidad, has the lowdown on the biggest mistakes you can make for curly hair – and how to avoid them.

Girl with long curly hair

Read Ouidad’s five top tips to take control of your curls...

Banish the brushing

Brushing through curls ruins their definition, separating strands and building up the frizz. Instead, Ouidad recommends combing conditioner through your lengths when washing your hair and rinsing it through to tame tricky tresses.

Try Sunsilk Obedient Curls Conditioner to get your hair on its best behaviour.

Blow dries are banned!

A good blow-out’s ideal for adding volume to straight, flat hair – but it’s a bit no-no for curls. Blow-drying tends to make curly hair more flyaway and frizzy, so it’s best to let yours dry naturally. Visit Ouidad’s website and brush up on her ‘Rake and Shake’ technique for perfectly defined curls – no appliances necessary!

If you don’t have the patience or need to get great hair in a hurry, put your hairdryer on a cold setting and twist strands around your fingers as your dry.

Shampoo sparingly

Try not to wash your waves more than three times a week. Your hair produces natural oils that will help smooth curls and everyday shampooing washes those away.

Ouidad recommends shampooing no more than twice a week with Sunsilk Obedient Curls Shampoo.

Be gentle with your hair

While a vigorous scalp massage can be invigorating during a hair-wash, it can leave curls in a terrible tangle. Lather your curls gently to avoid those dreaded knots - it makes for far more manageable hair.

Give oil slicks a swerve

Many hair oils and waxes promise frizz-free smooth results, but Ouidad warns that they can make hair fluffy and flyaway. For non-frizzy curls on the go, try Sunsilk Obedient Curls Conditioning Spray, co-created by the curl queen herself.

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