Making scents

Our sense of smell is 10 000 times more sensitive than our sense of taste, so make sure you're using a deodorant that works for you! We reveal the true power behind our sense of smell.


Lynx can close up

To illustrate just how keen our sense of smell is, scientists in the US conducted an experiment where men wore pads under their arms while watching two different types of film: comedy and horror. When women were asked to smell the pads they could distinguish differences between the sweat that came out during each of these.

You smell unique

It's important to remember that the way you smell can increase how appealing you are to those around you. Each of us has a unique odour, a bit like a fingerprint. Fresh insights into how the cells in our body are hardwired and interact – a branch of science known as 'systems biology' – are enabling researchers to identify, model and safely re-wire the cellular pathways to overcome many of our bodies' less pleasant little habits, such as sweating.

Spray more, get more

Ultimately, our preference for one scent over another boils down to the emotions it elicits. This isn't just a theory, it's rooted in scientific reality – the olfactory receptors in our nose are directly connected to the bit of our brain that controls our emotions, the limbic system. So high-profile advertising campaigns such as those for men's deodorant Lynx/Axe, inviting users to 'spray more, get more' come from solid scientific foundations.

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