Simple shows how bad habits add ten years to skin

Living an unhealthy lifestyle could add more than ten years to the appearance of your skin, according to international research by Simple.

The bad habits with an ageing effect

Simple shows how bad habits add ten years to skin

Sun beds, smoking and a lack of fruit and moisturisation can add up to leave you looking older than your years, the eight-year study of 585 women in the UK, China and Spain found.

Even taking into account the differences in the geographical locations and the backgrounds and skin type of the women involved, the factors influencing their skin were the same across the world. Furthermore, the lifestyle choices analysed in the study accounted for as much as 33% of how old they looked.

Dr Andrew Mayes, Simple R&D scientist who led the project, says: “We already knew that genetics accounted for about 50% of how old people look, but we didn’t know how much would be accounted for by their lifestyles. Even we were surprised by just how much it was; both in terms of the number of years and the percentage.”

Surprising findings

Study sites with controlled laboratory conditions were established in Bedford in the UK, Madrid in Spain and Shanghai in China.

The women, aged 45 to 75 in the UK, 30 to 70 in Spain and 25 to 70 in China, were asked questions about their lifestyles including sunbathing, smoking, skin moisturising, teeth brushing and eating habits.

The research team also took digital images of the women which were then assessed for how old others perceived them to be in relation to their actual age.

Good skin health from the inside out

After comparing the perceived ages of those with a good versus a bad lifestyle, the difference came in at 10.4 years.

Dr Mayes says: “Simply put; good skin health is about more than fancy creams and lotions – it’s about how we live our lives and how we treat our bodies and the steps we need to take do not need to be extreme.”

He has helped to create Simple Sense, a skincare routine which takes lifestyle as well as skincare products into consideration to provide a personalised, easy-to-follow online programme that helps women make the most of their skin.

Visit the revamped Simple website and its new global YouTube channel for more information on skincare issues, expert tips and videos.

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