The secrets to healthier hair

Do you dream of having long locks but struggle to grow your hair without it becoming lacklustre? You’re not alone – but Sunsilk has found the answer.

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We interviewed top New York dermatologist and hair-fall expert Dr Francesca Fusco, who helped create Sunsilk’s range of shampoos, conditioners, styling products and treatments.

Read our hair guru’s tips to find out how you can grow longer, beautifully healthy hair...

What are the most common hair issues you encounter?

Damaged, dry hair and thinning due to overuse of heating tools and insufficient conditioning.

How can colouring, styling and using heated tools affect hair?

It results in stress on hair, follicles and the scalp which leads to hair not being as optimally healthy as it should be. Signs of unhealthy locks are broken hairs, dull hairs, thin ponytails and increased hair fall.

How can we keep hair healthy and promote growth?

By adhering to a regular routine of shampoo and conditioning (including scalp conditioning) and treating hair to a holiday from heat and chemicals. A weekly mask or intensive treatment would be terrific.

Does healthy hair mean better quality growth?

If you have healthy hair it will not break and you will have longer locks in good condition, so there’s a strong relationship between healthy hair and maximum length. If you don’t subject hair to heat and traction it is less likely to break. If you have a thinning ponytail, breakage could be due to weakness of the hair.

Is biotin a superfood ingredient for healthy locks?

I can confirm that many patients and friends who up their intake of biotin report better, stronger hair and less loss. Biotin can be found naturally in eggs, grains, almonds, milk, berries, and some fruits and vegetables such as onions, carrots, cucumbers and cauliflowers.

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