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Project Sunlight celebrates 1st anniversary on Universal Children’s Day

On Universal Children’s Day, Unilever Project Sunlight (renamed Unilever brightFuture in 2015) will celebrate its first anniversary. A key milestone for this initiative which aims to make sustainable living desirable and achievable by inspiring people – especially parents – to help build a world where everyone lives well and within the natural limits of the planet.

Our future leaders

People have always looked to adult leaders as inspiration for change. But when they are no longer around, who will we listen to then? We need to nurture a new generation of young leaders who, with their endless optimism and enthusiasm, will shape our world for the future.

That’s why, throughout the coming year, Project Sunlight will be running a series of challenges across the world, working with passionate young people to address different issues relating to sustainability.

Imaginative solutions

We have been inspired by eight children in particular who are tackling age-old problems in their own communities. People like Rene in Brazil who, with Unilever Project Sunlight’s help, is creating a greater awareness of water and hygiene issues, and Kylee in the US who is providing food to almost 170 children each week. And they are doing it in ways we couldn’t have previously imagined.

No better time to get involved

Project Sunlight is getting behind these inspirational young role models. We believe that, with our support, the difference they are already making can be even greater. And we are asking you to help.

To find out how and for more information about the initiative, visit Project Sunlight.

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