Unilever helps launch Global Forest Watch

Unilever has joined with a group of more than 40 partners to launch Global Forest Watch, a dynamic online monitoring and alert system to help protect forests worldwide.

Uniting satellite technology, open data and crowdsourcing

Global Forest Watch is the first platform to unite the latest satellite technology, open data and crowdsourcing to guarantee access to timely and reliable information about forests.

It will have far-reaching implications across industries while helping governments to design smarter policies, enforce forest laws, detect illegal forest clearing, manage forests more sustainably, and achieve conservation and climate goals.

Working to eliminate deforestation

“As we strive to increase the visibility of where the ingredients for our products come from, the launch of Global Forest Watch – a fantastic, innovative tool – will provide the information we urgently need to make the right decisions, fostering transparency, enforcing accountability and facilitating partnerships.”

Read more about Global Forest Watch on unilever.com and view a video on YouTube of Paul talking about the launch.

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