Axe fans spread the Peace message

Axe has inspired more than 425,000 people around the world to take action to promote peace and improve their communities as part of its global Peace campaign.

Peace not war

Hands held up in the shape of a heart

Since the campaign launched in January, people in over 16 countries have helped Axe raise more than $320,000 to support not-for-profit organisation Peace One Day among others, as well as spread the message of peace and love to more than 400 million people. That equates to 20 times the size of all of the armies in the world put together.

In Europe, 130,000 Axe fans got creative with a ‘bed in’ held in Germany while in France 9,500 people shared ‘half heart’ photos through social networks. In the UK, Axe (known locally as Lynx) partnered with music producer Naughty Boy on a peace-themed track, as Young Photographer of the Year Matthew Lloyd took photos of local heroes making a difference in their communities. In Spain a popular TV show and four-day music event encouraged more than 7,500 ‘kisses for peace’.

Over in Australia and New Zealand, Axe’s Peace campaign led to 1,300 pledges of blood donations that will help save up to 4,000 lives while in the US more than 112,000 people have shared a kiss for peace via social networks.

Axe events around the world

In Mexico, more than 1,000 people went to the Axe Peace Riot music event, and in Costa Rica volunteers built playgrounds, improved classrooms, created a mural of peace and donated musical instruments. In Colombia, more than 3,000 young guys and girls shared a vision of peace with the president and first lady by creating the ‘White Book of Peace’.

“We launched Axe Peace knowing that people around the world, especially young people that we talk to every day, are still passionate about improving the world they live in,” said Tomas Marcenaro, global vice president, Axe. “Creating a campaign that helped inspire actions of peace around the world – in any form – is incredibly inspiring, because as a global brand, we believe there is always a chance to make the world a little better.”

Throughout the campaign Axe partnered with non-profit organisation Peace One Day, which is committed to raising awareness of the International Day of Peace on 21 September. To celebrate this year’s #PeaceDay Peace One Day is live streaming a concert featuring award-winning recording artist Akon and special guests from the Goma International Airport in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Watch this video to find out more about Axe and #PeaceDay and keep up-to-date on all the latest Axe activity on Twitter.

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