Axe gets sophisticated with Axe Black

Axe is celebrating the launch of its subtle new range for men with its first-ever full music video featuring an understated cover of the classic rock anthem, ‘Welcome to the Jungle’.

A lighter, refined fragrance

Axe black product range

Axe Black represents a significant new approach for the brand, evoking a sleek sophistication, while retaining the energetic and youthful spirit of Axe.

The new Axe Black range has a fresh, woody fragrance developed by Ann Gottlieb, one of the world’s best perfumers.

The result is a light, refined scent which, as Ann says, “certainly isn’t your father’s fragrance... In constructing Axe Black, we created a fragrance masculine at its core, but in an elegantly balanced way so that one note does not overwhelm the others.”

The packaging was designed to mirror the understated, yet modern masculine fragrance notes of the range. It achieves a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic through a monochrome, matte-black finish with graphics noticeably absent and the text minimal.

Cutting through the chaos

Further supporting its new subtle style, Axe Black has collaborated with British singer Novo Amor and world-renowned production company Academy Films to create a music video for an understated cover of the rock anthem, ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, a song originally recorded by hell-raising band Guns N’ Roses.

The new version and its accompanying video celebrate the power of quiet calm in a chaotic world.

New territory for axe

“Axe has always pushed itself – and with Axe Black, we’re again stepping into new territory,” says Tomas Marcenaro, Axe Global VP.

“Axe has a long history in the music space – it’s something our guys and girls are passionate about – so we’re excited to partner with such incredible talent and present our first full music video.”

The full Axe Black line includes deodorant body spray, deodorant stick, roll-on, antiperspirant spray, shower gel, shampoo, gel foam and clay tin. It is available globally with the exception of North America, China and India.

January 2015

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